About Us


3 Roastery was started with the vision of making delicious specialty coffees accessible to the common person via reasonable pricing and a non-pretentious environment. “Coffees that anyone can enjoy black” is commonly repeated by Mike, our owner and head roaster. The image many people have of coffee is as a heavy, bitter, and smoky drink that almost always requires milk and sugar to make palatable, however this doesn’t have to be the case. We are here to change your image of what coffee is, and can be. Coffee should be a drink for relaxing and enjoyment, not just to give you a caffeine boost or wake you up in the morning (although it works for that, too!).


In 2004 our owner/head roaster had his eyes opened to good specialty coffee when he was served coffee that wasn’t bitter and burned, rather pleasant and lively. This began his journey of brewing and home roasting specialty coffee. For over 15 years the owner experimented with different methods of brewing and roasting beans that even his friends and colleagues that didn’t like coffee were able to enjoy. Fast-forward to 2018 and fate led us to the first location of 3 Roastery in the rural town of Tamba, Japan focusing on the same goal of opening peoples’ eyes to truly delicious coffee.

3 Roastery Coffee Style:

Although there is no “right” style of coffee, the concept at 3 Roastery is to take high-quality specialty coffees and roast them in a way minimizing bitterness and roasty flavors and emphasizing bright, fruity acidity, sweetness, a range of body, and a clean finish that leaves you feeling refreshed. Drinks have been separated into three main categories:

– Drip coffee: Best enjoyed black to experience the full potential of the coffee beans themselves.

– Espresso-based: For those that enjoy milk in their coffee, our espresso-based drinks take advantage of the strength of espresso to compliment the milk for a naturally sweet and fruity drink.

– For the sweet tooth or something different: If you enjoy, or are in the mood for something sweet or different we also offer a fixed and seasonal menu of drinks that utilize syrups, spices, and other ingredients to help satisfy your mood.

*Where possible we use locally sourced milk, snacks, and Aogaki’s delicious water.

The store is located in a DIY-renovated building with repurposed materials from what was once a traditional Japanese residence. From the relaxing interior, or seated outdoors you can enjoy green mountains, rice fields, and the view outside is also graced with the colorful canoipes of paragliders when weather permits.

For the Shop Policies page:

Item Return Policy: All items are sold as-is and returns are not accepted unless otherwise stated.

Shipping Policy:

– Shipments are processed via Japan Post.

– Roasting typically occurs once a week on Tuesdays.

– Orders will be packed and shipped within 2-5 days based on bean availability and weekend/holiday schedule.